Eating for Performance - Post Workout


Eating After a Workout is called Recovery Nutrition. 

Goals of Recovery Nutrition Include: 1. Restore fluid and electrolytes (sodium and potassium) lost in sweat 2. Replace muscle fuel (carbohydrate) utilized during your activity 3. Provide protein to repair damaged muscle tissue and to stimulate growth of new muscle tissue

Nutrition for Recovery Needs to Begin Between 15-60 minutes From the Completion of the Activity.

2 Important Areas in Recovery Nutrition:

Glycogen Replacement: Consume 25-50g carbs immediately after exercise. This can be a combination of food and drink. Examples Include: Energy bar, Bagel, Whole Wheat Bread, Dried Fruit, or Fresh Fruit, Granola Bar or Low-Fat Granola Pieces.  Another option would include replacing your carbohydrate store with a sports drink if you have a difficult time eating immediately after a workout. • Re-Hydrate: Begin drinking 16oz. of water for every pound of water lost through sweat during a workout. Continue to drink water throughout the day.  Water is generally the best way to replace lost fluids. Sports drinks can help maintain your body's electrolyte balance and give you a bit more energy because they contain carbohydrates.

Eating for Recovery Will Result In:

Increased ability to Train Longer and with More Intensity

Delay the Onset of Fatigue

Improve Body Composition and Strength

Maintain Healthy Immune System

Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce Risk of Cramps and Stomach Distress During Workouts

Eating for Performance - Early Morning Workouts

In the previous post, I discussed how to fuel your body properly before a workout. But how do you fuel your body if you are working out first thing in the morning?

Due to the fact that you are "fasting" in the mornings until you eat breakfast, it is important that you awaken your body & metabolism prior to your workout. The following bullet points are 2 factors to keep in mind:


  • GET HYDRATED - Enjoy a refreshing glass of water. I encourage clients to add a splash of lemon to wake up the digestive system.
  • GET FUELED UP - Grab "quick" energy before running out the door! Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, a slice of whole wheat toast, handful of whole grain cereal (like Honey Nut Cheerios), or whole grain pretzels will help provide just enough carbohydrates to keep you going strong.  You will want to provide your body with quick energy which means you will want to choose a carbohydrate source that is low fat and low-to-moderate in fiber.  Otherwise you risk upsetting your GI system before your workout!!! Avoid dairy products early in the morning before your workout. This also increases risk for GI distress.



Eating for Peformance

Over the next several posts, I will be focusing on how to eat for active performance. I will be sharing a few guideline to consider when fueling, hydrating, and recovering from a moderate to moderately intense workout.



  • Consume 30-50g carbohydrates approximately1-2 hours before a moderate to intense exercise session. Examples include an Energy Bar (Clif Bar, Mojo Bar, Kind Bar, or LaraBar), Whole Grain Cereal with Milk, Whole Wheat Bagel, Fresh Fruit with Yogurt, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Dried Fruit, Whole Grain Pretzels.
  • Drink 8-16oz. of water.  If you plan to sweat less than 90 minutes, a sports drink is not needed.  Water will re-hydrate you appropriately.
  • If you are following a balanced and nutrient dense meal plan, your needs should be met.  Check with a dietitian for your nutrient assessment.


"On The Go Snacking" Can Be Healthy!

A lot of clients ask my opinion on the numerous brands and types of protein/energy bars on the market.  I can easily see how consumers are confused when they are trying to make a decision in front of hundreds of bar choices!  It is important to keep energy/snack bars on hand for when your schedule prompts you to eat on the run!  Recently "Cooking Light" put together an article about their top energy bar choices. I agree with most of the information so I wanted to pass it along to my NutriFocus family!  Click the link below to be redirected to the article!

Top Energy Bar Choices