Picking Packaged Food!

There is TONS of nutrition information on the internet, and TONS of conflicting nutrition recommendations so I can see why my clients (as well as  my family and friends) get easily confused when deciding what foods to purchase!  "Women's Health" put together an extensive list of the "Best Packaged Foods for Women" which I have reviewed and agree with for the most part! I thought the NutriFocus family would enjoy this information and could possibly use it as a guide on their next grocery run!  Click the following link: BEST PACKAGED FOODS FOR WOMEN If you have tried any of the featured products, or you try in the future, please give feedback and let us know what you think!


The media plays a major role in shaping how women of all ages view their bodies which directly impacts their relationship with food. "Marie Claire" recently published an article about the "Super Six" which I find very alarming. It's time we start being "real" in the media about the expectations placed on women to maintain a body barely suitable for a pre-teen. It's time women are allowed to embrace being a women and enjoy a life of wellness.  \"The Super Six\" Bloggers