You've heard of potato chops, but have you heard of Popchips?!!

I recently tried this product after a request from a client!! As I searched the grocery store for this product I finally found two bags left on the potato chips aisle pushed all the way back into the back! I took this as a "not good sign" but kept an open mind as I took my product home to sample!  I purchased original flavor and BBQ flavor.

What is a PopChip?

The company wanted to make a product available for individuals looking for a  snack that did not have trans fats, cholesterol, or saturated fat.  This resulted in the creation of the popchip. They are made by taking potatoes, adding heat and pressure, “popping” the product into a chip, and adding seasoning for flavor.

Flavor choices include: original potato, barbeque potato, sour cream & onion potato, cheddar potato, sea salt & vinegar potato, salt & pepper potato, parmesan garlic potato

For those out there that love a salty snack, this is a great choice over regular potato chips! You can get the same crunch and salty flavor without the preservatives, trans fats, saturated fats, or cholesterol!!   The one downside was the cost. I paid approx. $3.70 per bag and each bag only has 3 servings!!  So it is a little unreasonable for a larger family, but maybe in time we will see a decrease in the price!