New Year


Happy New Year NutriFocus Family!!

I am personally very excited about 2012 and the potential we all have to grow as individuals in our emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our lives!

As the new year approached, I took some time for reflection to determine what I thought my focus needed to be for this upcoming year.  After much thought and prayer, I’ve decided that my theme for this year is AUTHENTICITY!  I want to strive to be authentic in every area of my life. I want 2012 to be there year that I am the most authentic and vulnerable in my relationships, the year that I honor my authentic dreams and aspirations and stop hiding behind fear, and the year that I challenge my clients in an authentic way.  I’m excited about the life lessons I will learn in 2012. I’m excited that I can practice being vulnerable and not feel so much pressure to be protected. I’m excited to see what can develop when authenticity runs deep!

Have you had time to reflect on your focus for 2012?! If so, what are you determined to achieve in 2012?! I’d love to hear from the NutriFocus family!!!!!