Enjoying Life

I recently came across this article below and immediately wanted to share with the NutriFocus family!!! As I continue to encourage each of you to embrace the theme of National Nutrition Month 2014 ( Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right) I feel this article helps us see the bigger picture!!!!! Enjoying our food, our health, and ourselves is the first steps to enjoying life as a whole because it helps us be INTENTIONAL, GRATEFUL, AND JOYFUL.

As you read the article below, consider what principles you can embrace starting TODAY.

Good-Bye Mundane, Hello Adventure…..

Tbis morning I awake knowing that one chapter of my life has officially closed and a new chapter has begun. The excitement rest in my soul and uncertainty leaves me a bit on edge.  A friend once told me

“You can’t steal second while your foot is still on first” (Thanks Z.Russell)

and today I have confirmation of this…. In a BEAUTIFUL way!

I begin my morning with my daily devotional from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young – The first words read

“WORSHIP ME in the beauty of holiness”

Instantly I’m excited as to what beauty the day holds….

 My husband ask me to move my car so he can go to work so I walk outside and I’m instantly greeted with a BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT RAINBOW… a sign of God’s covenant with us!  What a remarkable symbol of God’s beauty and God’s faithfulness which is exactly what I needed on this very morning… PERFECTION.

In awe, I walk back inside to finish reading … and a bible verse pops up that speaks directly to my soul….

 “Sovereign Lord, you are GOD! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised good things to your servant”


And as if it couldn’t get any more refreshing… I talk a walk, because I have TIME! I actually have time to stop, breathe, walk, and enjoy!

I’m praying for vision, for adventure, for purpose….. and suddenly I feel a raindrop on my arm…. And then my cheek…. And before long it is POURING DOWN RAIN

And I can’t help but to laugh…..and slightly cry… And love GOD all the more!  The verse instantly pops into my head …”Come to me those who are burden”  “My yolk is light”  …. “Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest”

Is there anything more refreshing than water… Is there anything more pure than water….

As I continued walking I felt light, and felt as if GOD just turned a simple walk into a SOUL FILLING ADVENTURE!  ….. I felt carefree and hardly MUNDANE!!!!

Excited about the future is an understatement!