8 Nutrients to Boost Your Spirits - Nutrient #5


• Folate is also known as B9 or Folic Acid • Folate helps the body create new cells and regulate serotonin (Serotonin plays a variety of functions including determining mood) • Folate deficiency can cause fatigue and reduce serotonin levels • Folate has the potential to boost the efficiency of antidepressants • RDA: 400mcg per day for adults Books and apple


• Add Fresh Spinach to Your Morning Omelet. ½ cup Spinach provides 131mcg of Folate. • Top Your Turkey Sandwich with Avocado or Dip Fresh Vegetables in Guacamole for a Snack. ½ cup Avocado Provides 59mcg of Folate • Need a Side Dish Idea?! How about a Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad or Roasted Asparagus to Provide About 80mcg of Folate! • Fill Up on Folate and Protein by Warming Up Black-Eyed Peas. ½ cup Packs 105mcg of Folate!!

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