Hello to my beloved NutriFocus Family!   I want all of us to primarily focus on eating well all week!  All week I will be posting tips that will help promote positive eating behaviors so that eating can be an "experience" instead of a rushed & dreaded chore. My wish is that the tips will be daily disciplines that will help you fully experience freedom within your eating behaviors!

TIP #1 - Eat With Intention

Try to have all your meals and snacks in a designated location and without distractions.  In order to allow our bodies to fully experience satiety, we must allow time for our bodies to acknowledge that we are eating. By limiting distractions you give your brain the ability to send proper hunger/fullness cues.  It also allows you time to taste and enjoy your food which reduces cravings!  To improve your mindful eating skills, also consider eat more slowly, stopping to put your fork down between bites, and feeling yourself becoming fuller. Making an effort to be mindful no matter what you’re eating can help break the tendency to binge.