Go Green for St. Patty's Day!


In the spirit of celebration, I encourage each member of the NutriFocus family to add a little green to your taste today!  How you might ask? I've got a few ideas below!!

Start off your day with Green Eggs and Ham by adding basil or spinach to your scrambled eggs!

For a snack consider having celery w/ peanut butter or chips and tomatillo salsa or guacamole!

Add a little green punch to your lunch by adding pesto and spinach to your normal turkey sandwich and add warmth to your lunch by pairing your sandwich with a cup of split pea soup!

Serve your guest St. Patty’s fun by keeping your appetizer with the green theme. Consider serving fried green tomatoes or stuffed grapes leaves!

For a creamy green dinner side dish, consider serving spinach risotto with corned beef or roast beef! Not a fan of beef? You can also pair the risotto with baked salmon or halibut!

And last, but not least, end your day on a green note…. Consider mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert!!