The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer, Is to Sing Loud for All To Hear!

The countdown is on and Christmas is only 5 days away!  The excitement is brewing in my house and we are gearing up to spend quality time with my family!!  This weekend I spent my time truly pampering myself and at the end of the day, I asked myself,


"Why do we avoid time pampering ourselves when we work so hard?"

It was amazing how much better I felt after I had spent my day on Saturday really "investing" in myself.  My clients hear me use that term a lot and Saturday I can truly say I did just that!

Mike was out of town on a hunting trip, so I claimed Saturday, Suz's Beautification Day! :) The day started with a facial with Kelly Oakes (205-529-7182). She is the BEST waxing and facial person in Birmingham!! If you have not visited her, call today and make an appointment and tell her Suzanne sent you!! She is has the best prices and is the most qualified to do any facial and waxing job you need!!! Next, I went to downtown Homewood and enjoyed a Manicure & Pedicure, and finally I had a 60 minute Hot Rocks Massage at Richard Joseph Salon!!  All services were fantastic!

As I returned home that evening I felt completely relaxed! It was the perfect way to kick off this holiday week!  I encouraged everyone to ask themselves, "When was the last time I invested in myself?"

For business reasons, I must preserve the outward signs of sanity.

~ Mark Twain