Food & Friends: Food's Social Aspect (Part 2)

Recently I’ve had several travel experiences with friends, including a recent trip to the capital of great state of Texas, Austin!  Austin is a hot spot for creativity, in fact, the city celebrates being different which is evident by the city’s slogan - “Keep Austin Weird.” As most people know, Austin is the home to the Longhorn named Bevo.  What some of you may not know is that Austin is also home to some of the country’s best kitchens of Tex-Mex!  You won’t find many chain restaurants in Austin since the locals mainly support local and organic food establishments!  The restaurant scene is an accurate reflection of this creative, unique, and lively city which seems to be the very pillars Austin prides itself on!

My best friend (April) invited us to visit her and Zach in Austin for the weekend so Mike and I jumped on a plane not really knowing what to expect since it was our first visit to this quaint city.  We were excited about the chance to have quality time with our friends.  When you work hard during the week, it is important to make time with friends to relax, unwind, and refresh the soul!  Time spent with friends are moments to be cherished and are truly unique experiences that make life rich.  I think Julia Childs said it best when she said

" It's fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That's what human life is all about - enjoying things."

We had the privilege of having an Austin local (Zach) as our tour guide!  He loves Austin which was evident in his displayed pride and excitement towards his hometown  which was displayed throughout the weekend!  Zach treated us to some of the best Tex-Mex I’ve ever consumed! Once we arrived in Austin, Zach was gracious enough to take us to a great Tex-Mex restaurant called Guero’s Taco Bar (

Guero’s Taco Bar is located on South Congress Avenue, an eclectic area of Austin made up of unique clothing shops, quaint homes, and sidewalks lined with locals and visitors alike.  After reviewing the menu, I decided to have the “Poquito Fajitas” (one fajita taco topped with guacamole and jack cheese and served with rice and beans) which was out of the ordinary for me. I’m usually a quesadilla type gal! But I wanted to make sure I experienced the most out of the cuisine in Austin!  The dish was phenomenal due to the quality ingredients the restaurant served which gave the food a fresh, clean flavor.

After lunch, we decided to stroll into the shops (Mike had a Jessica Alba sighting!) before we ventured into a nostalgic candy shop named Big Top Candy Shop!  This candy shop was every child’s (and adult's) dream come true!  Just to give you a slight indication of the magnitude of this store, Big Top’s slogan is “The Most Amazing Candy Shop the World Has Ever Known” The walls are lined with every candy imaginable and the cases are filled with homemade treats that range from a variety of truffles  to chocolate covered bacon!










My chosen treat was a white chocolate peanut butter cup which melted in your mouth! The chocolate was smooth and decadent. The peanut butter was creamy and sweet which added a powerful flavor punch when paired perfectly with the white chocolate!  Each bite was truly divine experience all within itself!  April enjoyed a chocolate covered pretzel and Mike enjoyed a coconut haystack which both received positive reviews as well!

After consuming a portion of my peanut butter cup, we traveled on to continue our adventures in Austin. I look forward to sharing our dinner experience with you, as well as, the rest of our trip in upcoming blog entries!